Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Google NYC Speaker Series

Google is trying to help build up the NY tech scene, so nextNY-ers dont have to fantasize about working out west, with their monthly Speaker Series. Last night they kicked it off with a talk given by Adam Bosworth, entitled "Physics, Speed, and Imprecision: What Works and What Doesn't in Software, and Why". Adam discussed how back when he was working at Microsoft [read: evil] in 1997 AJAX was developed, but it didnt take off because it was hideously slow. Now it has been given a second life thanks to broadband technology. Adam tried to stress that when creating web applications one must stick to the KISS rule. (Keep It Simple & Stupid) If you are creating anything on the web today you should be implementing the KISS model. I usually describe it as building apps that are so simple that your grandma can use (I'll give KISS a try). All in all the speaker (intentionally) kept his talk simple and stupid but here are some points I think are worth noting:

  • Products fail because of [lack of] human psychology not poor engineering
  • Top 3 keypoints of UI:
    1. Speed
    2. Speed
    3. Speed
  • Your app should be a tool, it shouldn't leave the user feeling like one
  • Search isn't perfect but it is far better than any human can do so it is tolerable.
  • Analyze the frequency of use of feature and implement those first
  • If your app takes more than 2 seconds to load - forget about it
  • The Motorola RAZR was cool enough so the poor UI (narrow keypad) didnt matter

Google NYC Women's T-shirt
At the end of the event Google was handing out free schwag that would make Kathy Sierra proud. (they had women sized t-shirts). I thought I was being nice and got one for my girlfriend, but I forgot she HATES technology. So I'm left with a Women's Google NYC t-shirt (size small), if you want it, leave me a comment of why you want/need it.

They were also taking names down for potential future employees. Speaking of which, if you put your name down on that list and want to work in a Google-like environment (we have a lounge with a ping pong table and a Nintendo Wii), I'm always looking to hire great talent. Feel free to drop me a line. (Requirements: Passion)

On my way out I noticed this posted near the elevator
It's your choice

Is Google trying to save the planet? Or did Camelbak buy the adspace?

My adventure didn't end there, when I was leaving the parking garage I noticed a row of MiniCoopers they were 5 in total all different colors with a designated area called ME.
Mini ME
I wonder if they were zipcars, Google company cars, or if they were just parked there to maximize storage space. I would also like to know who was clever enough to tag ME on the wall?

More of my photos from last night's Google Speaker Series event.

Lastly, to those waiting for the Google Unbound recap please be patient Caroline and I have been busy, but we are almost done with it.


Suki said...

Did you ever give that T-Shirt away? I just came across your blog and I want the shirt...I RSVP'ed but work obligations in NJ kept me away....I am unabashedly just asking for the shirt.


Michael Galpert said...

i think i still might have it in my office send me an email and when i get back to the office on friday I will check