Tuesday, January 30, 2007

100 Bloggers, 100 Boxes: The Charity Superbowl Wiki

Charlie O'Donnell over at This is going to be BIG!: created a wiki to raise money for charity in light of this sunday's superbowl. The goal is to get 100 Bloggers to fill 100 Boxes and then give $1000 to a charitable organization of the winner's choice. In his own words he is testing out

an experiment in non-profit collaboration on the web and to give us reason to keep watching in case Rex Grossman throws 4 INTs, I've created The Charity Superbowl Wiki for 100 bloggers to participate in a charity game.
I'll be honest I wasnt planning on watching "The Big Game" I was just going to watch the commercials on Youtube on monday but who knows now that I'm invested... I love collaborating with peers for charitable organizations and love this idea. Nice one Charlie. I took the #47, what spot are you going to take?

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