Saturday, January 13, 2007

Do you want to shave your head?

My friend Michael does.
This is from an email he recently sent out.

St. Baldrick's is an organization that raises money to help find a cure for childhood cancer. Each year around St. Patrick's Day, hundreds of "shaving centers" are set up all over the country where people have their heads shaved to show their support for the cause.

I lost my older sister, Stacy to cancer in 1991. I was only 5 when Stacy got sick and I didn't understand the magnitude of her illness. To me, cancer meant hospital stays and hair loss. When I found out about St. Baldrick's, it felt like the perfect way to honor Stacy's memory and raise money for a cure.

Please visit the website below and donate in support of a very worthy cause. Thank you in advance!

Until there's a cure,