Sunday, January 14, 2007

Come on Google (OS)...

I am really surprised that it is taking Google so long to integrate all their features. Hopefully they will get their act together in 2007. (Disclaimer: I heart my big brother google) Yesterday I signed up to attend the Unbound event in NYC this week. I received a confirmation email from Google.

I then wanted to add it to my google calendar by clicking the "add this event" feature in gmail. But to my dismay the form field was filled out incorrectly.

Would it be so hard to arrange their confirmation email to look like this.

It wasn't a big deal to fill out the form myself, but it should have been filled out automatically!! It's so simple to set up! Why is there a lack of communication between google features. I guess the day they do communicate we can officially call Google an Operating System.


Nate Westheimer said...

Hopefully this is why they are hiring 1000s of people this year, not just to sell more ads.