Thursday, December 21, 2006

High Five!!!

My Chanukah wish has been answered; I have been tagged by Jack.
So here are five things you probably don't know about me:

    1. My middle name is S. Just the letter S. My parents weren't sure how to spell my Hebrew/Yiddish (Yisrael/Srul)middle name in English so they just left my birth certificate as Michael S Galpert.

    2. I am obsessed with kidrobot these days. Specifically munnys, dunnys, and labbits. I dont like any vinyl toys that are bloody or have a dark side to them.

    3. I got a cherry pit stuck up my nose when I was younger (I am not sure how old I was, I'm going to guesstimate and say 8). So by "got a" I mean I took a cherry pit and stuck it up my nose hoping to project it across my room but unfortunately it got stuck. Mind you I had 6 successful attempts prior to the technical difficulties.

    4. I HATE watching previews or trailers for movies. When I'm in the theater and the previews begin that is my cue to go get refreshments, I tend to leave the theater altogether and get a cup of coffee from starbucks.

    5. I was a psychobiology major in college.
And now I tag the only five people I know of who haven't been tagged yet ( I think - I hope they haven't because then I wont get a check from Bill Gates, or get money from that guy in Africa, or I might even be placed in a spamfolder with the rest of those fwded emails I got in 6th grade ):


Charlie O'Donnell said...

I worked for a guy whose first name was actually "S"... too funny.