Friday, December 22, 2006

GoDaddy Launches Unlimitied Photo Uploads!!!!!!! - Asterisk

GoDaddy launched a new service called Online Photo Filer and it gives you an online photo album site for sharing unlimited photos*.

The asterisk is there because it makes up for the deceptive words UNLIMITED PHOTOS that were used. In fact you don't get to upload unlimited photos. You can only upload as many images that are within the 2.5 GB allocated disk space and 150 GB bandwith.

They also claim to offer photo printing. Nowhere on their site did it mention who prints their images and how much they are charging. Being in the business, I decided to do some detective work. I called their sales department. I was on the phone with a lovely sales woman for 20 minutes, most of that time I was listening to Brian Setzer Orchestra - type music while the saleswoman was trying to find the answers to my questions. I was then told to create an account to find out more information regarding printing and pricing. I got annoyed and hung up. I dont want to pay to find out.

So if anyone signs up for this new service please let me know how much they charge for the items printed. Thanks for playing.

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Vincent said...

hi Michael, thanks for the link back! May very well be my first... :) Happy holidays!

Michael Galpert said...

your welcome