Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What is Twitter?

WTF is Twitter?

At one point during Blaine Cook's (@blaine) talk at FOWA last month, he mentioned that the twitter team still doesnt know what twitter is or what it will be.

Thats when I had the idea for WTFisTwitter.com People interact with twitter differently. So I decided to record ppl explainng what Twitter was to them. Some of the responses echoed my own feelings about twitter, while others surprised me.

For example both Hugh Macleod and Alex Harris got rides to SXSW with the help of Twitter.

Hugh Macleod (@gapingvoid) got a ride from Dallas to Austin

Twitter according to Hugh MacLeod from michael galpert on Vimeo.

Alex Harris (@alexdesigns) got a ride from Houston to Austin

Twitter according to Alex Harris from michael galpert on Vimeo.

When Scott Beale (@laughingsquid)changed the location of his party, when he heard there was a line at that venue.

Twitter / Scott Beale: Ginger Man is packed, we ar...

Thats why he thinks Twitter is a people mover.

Twitter according to Scott Beale from michael galpert on Vimeo.

But, to understand the gravitas of that statement you have to meet Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

Twitter according to Gary Vaynerchuk from WTF is Twitter on Vimeo.

GaryVee scheduled multiple wine shindigs over the past couple weeks, exclusively using twitter
Twitter / Gary Vaynerchuk: Huge free wine event at mar...

Twitter / Gary Vaynerchuk: http://www.corkandco.com/ 3...

Twitter / Gary Vaynerchuk: Official invite: @scobleize...

and rumor has it, the parties were awesome.

Beyond just answering "What are you doing?" twitter has become the new OverheardinNewYork

just search for OH: via TweetScan

(@t) uses twitter for food reviews
Twitter / Tantek Çelik: review item:Real Food Daily...
(how does he get those stars??)

While Max (@maxkiesler) proposes to Emily (@emilychang) via Twitter.

Twitter / maxkiesler: To @emilychang - After fift...

Twitter / emily chang: @maxkiesler - yes, i do!

Guy Kawasaki
crowdsources urls for his startup AllTop using Twitter
crowdsourcing twitter

Jason Calacanis uses twitter as a mahalo focus group
Twitter / Jason Calacanis: @tamera:the contest is most...


Twitter hasn't marketed its beauty to the masses yet. I hope they dont go with Andrew (USV Associate) and Evan's (Twitter Founder) uber geeky explanations.


Twitter According to Andrew Parker from michael galpert on Vimeo.


Twitter according to Evan Williams from michael galpert on Vimeo.

Fred Wilson(@fredwilson), on the other hand is trying his darnest to convince his kids on the awesomeness that is twitter.

This will be an ongoing and evolving project. For now my favorite answer is by @arielwaldman

Twitter according to Ariel Waldman from michael galpert on Vimeo.)

Feel free to leave your thoughts on WTFisTwitter in the comments or via twitter @isWTF and if you want to follow my own rambling you can follow @msg


Alex Harris said...

Seriously awesome idea. And I look seriously sick from not sleeping.

Looking forward to more WTF is Twitter spots.

F. Andy Seidl said...

You have to be on twitter to be somebody (at least according to the song: http://tinyurl.com/6dvzef ;-)

utu said...

you had a nice idea,it's intersesting.
Twitter is getting popular in JAPAN ,too.
but,for me,it's merely boring!
becaz,it's onely words.
personally i'm interested more in images(pics,movies).
i quit it,instead i'm crazy about Flickr, you know.

keep ypu a nice bog update