Thursday, January 24, 2008

Free Parking in NYC

Here's a how-to guide to getting free parking in NYC. sort of.

Lots of movies and TV shows are filmed in NYC. Heres a list of those currently in production.

There's usually advanced warning, with signs like this one for a Law & Order filming on Jenna's block.

No Parking

If you spot one of these "NO PARKING b/c of movie" signs, park there. Your car will be fine.

I was a bit nervous when I overslept this morning and wasn't able to move my car by the designated time. And I awoke to find an empty spot where my car had been parked.

Dude Wheres My Car

But when I approached one of the NYPD tow truck guys and asked about my car, I learned it was only down the block.

My car's windshield had a lovely note that read:
Free Parking

Do Not Summons or Tow for 48 Hrs From Date of Relocation! The beauty was they reparked my car in a no standing zone but it was legal. For two days!
Too bad I had to go to brooklyn. Otherwise I would have happily stayed legally parked in an illegal spot...

So next time you see a no parking sign from a movie/tv shoot, park there.


alex lines said...

that's hilarious. so did they treat your car ok? some friends who have had their cars towed reported new dents and scratches ...

Michael Galpert said...

to tell you the truth, i have no idea. my car gets banged up a lot in the city, that I stopped caring. I'm sure Ill care when my lease is up and I'll have to pay the damages

David said...

Same thing happened to me once. But not on purpose. I was worried at first and called the number posted on the street. The person answering the call told me where my car is and I found it pretty quickly.
Still, I would not do it again. I like knowing where my car is.