Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pretty Pownce has Potential

I received a pownce invite today from Nate. It is the much coveted invite in the web2geekosphere right now (search ebay for proof). Laughingsquid has a solid writeup .Others attempt to compare it to twitter

I think the driving force right now for the hype is due to a variety of factors:

* not everyone has an iphone they can play w/ and it gets boring talking about something you dont have

* ppl are bored of the facebook apps that are currently out there (dont worry Jake Jarvis has a Pownce app out)

* The diggers now have a way of private messaging each other (aka better way of gaming digg)

* It does its job "send stuff to your friends" pretty well (emphasis on pretty: even their about page is visually pleasing.

* last but not least the exclusive role out ala gmail ( i wonder if they are tracking the swarm of invites i would love to see how that would look on a map over time.

I think pownce has great potential. I personally hate receiving fwded funny links or videos via email and im while at work (since i get easily distracted) I like the potential of having an on/off switch. The only problem is that I have to wait for all my friends to get invited / adopt pownce as a means of sharing webcrap.

I'm assuming if you read my blog you care what I share, you can follow me on pownce(@msg) if you want an invite to pownce I have a couple left, im saving them for friends :-)

Random comments:

Pownce isnt perfect (yet) I continually have trouble logging in from the homepage and am forced to login at the next page.

Pownce get going
I'm assuming I will use the AIR client more often so it shouldnt be too much of a problem.

I was warned that pownce followers are worse than twitter followers so I made sure as soon as I signed up was to disable all notifications:
Pownce : Notification Settings

Dude this is just great:
pownce: gender