Friday, June 08, 2007

Myspacers Know How to Cut and Paste

Last night I had a mildly heated discussion on "real users" with Nate. I dont have time to get into the details of our discussion, but for some reason I cant get one of his comments out of my head.

Nate was trying explain the fact that Myspacers know how to use CSS and therefore they know more about how the internets work. Just because these 18 ppl know how to use CSS well on myspace, doesnt mean that the vast majority of myspacer do. The rest just know how to copy and paste the code, know what CSS is!

The following came to me on my way in to work today:

Just because I knew this code growing up:
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A, select, start.
Didnt mean that i knew how Contra worked.
It was just a quick fix for getting more lives

Anyways, I cant wait for the innonate conference that will be held on the Westheimer farm. All myspacers are welcome. (no knowledge of css required, but you must promise that you are over 13.)

[UPDATE: Thanks Charlie for providing the correct Contra code]


Nate Westheimer said...

My argument was that many can manipulate small small things in their skins. I asked my little sister where she gets all her bling and she said, "I just grab the code and put it where I want it in my MySpace skin." Does she know she's editing CSS? Not really. But she gets a peek under the hood and this can stimulate interest in going beyond that and getting her hands dirty.

Facebook doesnt get anyone's hands dirty.

Charlie said...

B, A, SELECT, START, unless you were playing with one player, which wasn't nearly as fun.

Michael Galpert said...

@nate: i agree that myspace can spark interest in the internets and creative design. No matter how heinous looking a myspace page is it still qualifies as creative design.

facebook on the other hand allows you to get your hands REALLY dirty with FQL and F8. (

@charlie: thanks for the reminder, i will make appropriate changes to the post