Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Picasa 2 frustrates me

I just wrote a nice write up (in my opinion) of last nights PaidContent Mixer with Picasa2 Blog this feature. I thought I would share some photos as well as give my 2 cents. I chose 4 photos and added some feedback, I clicked publish and was on my merry way. A while later I checked the blog to see if it actually posted, but to my dismay it did no such thing. I tried a second time and then a third time. I started to get frustrated and decided to check the Help menu and see if I can actually get some help. I found a note saying that you can only blog one photo at a time. And if multiple photos are chosen than only the first one will post. But Picasa never gave me any indication of that rule. Not to mention none of the photos were posted. Well I'm annoyed now and not in the mood to rewrite the post now, maybe sometime later today. Harumph! Meanwhile you can check read what others had to say: Alacrablog ZDnet