Friday, November 24, 2006

Working on a Holii Day

The day after Thanksgiving to some, is considered a holiday.
(see: Black Friday)
I took part in the days festivities by going to work.
However on my way to work this morning I stopped by the ToysRus near the office.(at around 8:30am) I waited in line (not on-line -- I was scorned by a west coaster once) patiently for the nintendo wii. The whole process wasn't too bad for the craziest shopping day of the year.(about 15 minutes). It seemed as if the crazy mothers didnt even know what the wii was!

After buying the console (minus extra controllers due to the shortage) I rushed to the office to get the console set up in our game room. (Dont get too excited that we have a game room its just a ping pong table a tv couches and a non-working pinball machine. -- but I guess now it is rockin' with the new addition!!!)

The set up was simple and easy, and once I held the controller in my hand I was in love. It was fun playing against the computer. But it was awesome playing with others. Thanks to Jack for bringing in his 2 controllers.

Tennis: is a great multi player game. (note: you need lots of roomb/c arms going flying)
Baseball: could be better
Bowling: solid
Golf: the natural movements are awesome, I hope it will help me prefect my real game
Boxing: A great work out

After a good hour of gaming, im back to my desk, and going to try to get some work done.

I hope to be a better story teller/blogger some day.